Wound Management and Treatment

A wound that starts as a small red or open area can become large and infected in a short period of time, and can even threaten the life of the patient. Chronic wounds are a common problem that are often treated with careful monitoring of the wound progress, local care to the wound with topical medications and wound care and, if needed, antibiotics to clear any infection of the wound. Some wounds that do not heal with conservative means may even require surgery to clean the surface of the wound and may require placement of a wound vac, which uses negative pressure, or suction, to debride the dead tissue from the wound bed. Wound vacs can be used for deeper wounds that are difficult to keep clean and actually promote faster healing. 
Proper wound care is critical for healing the wound and also for preventing infection. At Carrato Surgical Associates, we implement the above standard of care for all wounds, small and large, in both diabetic patients and those who are otherwise healthy. If you or a family member have a wound that is new, or have had difficulty healing a wound that has been present for a long time, call today for a wound evaluation.