Vascular Lab/Ultrasound On Site

The vascular lab at Carrato Surgical Specialists.At Carrato Surgical Associates, we pride ourselves on offering our patients the most advanced medical care with the convenience of a hometown medical practice. That is why we have a vascular/ultrasound lab on-site where we can diagnose and treat many medical problems without our patients ever having to leave the office setting.

Jennifer Stanek is a Registered Ultrasound Technologist and a Registered Vascular Technician, and she performs diagnostic studies in the office, including:

  • Ultrasound is available on-site at Carrato Surgical Associates in Hazleton, PA.Arterial dopplers to diagnose peripheral vascular disease
  • Venous dopplers to diagnose phlebitis/deep vein thrmbosis (blood clots)
  • Venous mapping in preparation for vascular surgery such as arteriovenous (AV) fistula formation in renal failure/dialysis patients
  • Ultrasounds for multiple medical problems, including breast disease and breast masses
  • Ultrasound guidance to ensure accuracy during TruCut needle biopsy (performed in the comfort of our office)

Having the on-site vascular and ultrasound lab makes it more convenient for our patients to have their testing done in a timely manner, avoiding long waits for appointments at outpatient centers. We accept referrals from physicians for all of the above studies, even if the patient is not currently established with Carrato Surgical Associates. We also offer mobile doppler service and work together with several local family doctors to offer the convenience of testing at the primary care physicians’ offices . Call today to find out more about our vascular/ultrasound lab or to schedule an appointment for your test.